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Thinking, Knowing, and Understanding! by The Elephant's Child
October 5, 2022, 9:12 pm
Filed under: Politics

Headline at Climate Depot: “Biden says Hurricane Ian has ended the discussion about whether or not their is climate change and we should do something about it.” Well, no, it doesn’t change any discussion. The climate is always changing. One day is not just the same as every other day. Same goes for weeks, months and years. Silly statement, not meant for repetition. But try to focus on meaningful statements rather than .awkward slips of the tongue. This particular President of the United States is not as aware as he should be of the eagerness of the media to zero in on even the tiniest unfortunate phraseology.

I am beginning to suspect that perhaps our anxiety is misplaced, and the problem is too many “journalists” looking for a story, or a piece of a story, that can be expanded into something larger and more attention grabbing. The world of news now involves conversation, telephone, newsletters, newspapers, radio, television, and much more. There us an army of “journalists” needed to supply the “public interest”. Were we better off when we had fewer journalists and fewer sources of “news”?

Or, conversely, do many sources discussing the same issue give us more viewpoints and a better view of reality? Do most of us read much news? Do we look for more coverage of something we have already read about, or heard? That undoubtedly depends on the importance of that bit of news to us. And of course what is important to me isn’t what will be important to you. I’m just suggesting that the bit of news filters through many hands before it even reaches us, and how does it change in the retelling. Or we probably don’t know as much as we think we do. Yet we live our lives on the basis of our understanding to the news. Though our understanding of “news“varies from person to person, and our interest varies as much or more than our understanding.

The climate of the Earth is controlled by the action of our Sun, and the Sun seems to be just fine. The climate of the earth is NOT controlled by a pipeline, or a smokestack, a river, or a presidential decree. Let’s try to put things in the right file folder!

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