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Hurricane Ian: Lots of Cleanup! by The Elephant's Child
October 6, 2022, 6:53 pm
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Oh Dear: “President Biden says Hurricane Ian has ended the discussion about whether or not there is climate change & we should do something about it.” Well. no it has not. The climate is always changing: warm days, warm months, and cold days and cold months. We usually call it “weather”. Ian has been a disaster for many residents of southern Florida. The pictures are devastating and they have a lot of mess to clean up. No loss of life that I have seen reported, which has not always been the case in hurricanes in the past.

Florida gets devastating hurricanes, Minnesota gets devastating ice storms. In some parts of the country they have tornadoes. Reporters do appreciate big drama to report. Unfortunately we’re stuck with geography. Move to San Francisco for earthquakes, and the upper Midwest for ice storms, and Phoenix for hot weather. Every locale has its own weather regularities, and extremes. I have never seen nor been near a tornado but for some they are common. I assume that if you are moving to a new region of the country you have scoped out what you can expect, and it’s not too much of a surprise. Florida beaches would not attract me.

The climate of the Earth is controlled by the action of our sun, and so far our sun seems to be pretty benign. Don’t allow the “climate change panic” people to get to you. They don’t know what they are talking about, and are apparently loathe to studying up. We are inclined to forget the extent to which the army of would- be journalists need something exciting to write about. They are not above giving some things bit more importance than deserved to brighten up a slow day. Don’t confuse normal weather patterns with a need to panic about climate. I grew up where five feet of snow was not uncommon in the winter, for others it might be terrifying. I have never seen or been near a tornado, but I lived in Phoenix long enough to understand hot weather and air conditioning.

We didn’t go to school just to learn how to read and write, but how to look things up and how to learn and study. That’s not supposed to stop when we graduate.

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