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Disasters and Dealing With Disasters! by The Elephant's Child
October 8, 2022, 9:28 pm
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Just the photos from Hurricane Ian that I posted, show how huge the cleanup effort must be. Where do they truck all the wood from damaged homes and buildings, and what do they do with it? An incredible bonfire? I suppose for an area where hurricanes are not something remarkable, they have developed ways of dealing with the debris. I suppose that folks in Florida are horrified by photos of our forest fires and wonder how we deal with that.

Spent a lot of time when I was growing up at Forest Service lookouts, and at Forest Service Ranger Stations. One of my friends was the daughter of a Forest Service Station manager

Slightly smoky outdoors today which indicates some forest fires in the Cascade Range. Easy to look up the Forest Service website online and find out just where they are. Most forest fires are caused by lightening rather than arson or careless campfires.

From my window I can look far to the South and see how much smoke is in the air, which indicates how far away the fires are and how widespread. Reporters aren’t very good about describing the efforts to put the fires out and how effective they have been. The “Only You Can Prevent Forest fires” is a good slogan to make people more careful with their campfires, but not particularly accurate about the cause and prevention of fires.

We often took a picnic lunch along when we went to visit one of the lookouts which were of course located where it was most effective to see the most and the farthest.

The U.S Forest Service does an excellent job of taking care of our forests, If you get a chance to visit a lookout (one that welcomes visitors) do take advantage of it. Lots to see and learn.

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