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The Aftermath! by The Elephant's Child
October 9, 2022, 5:23 pm
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Scroll down to the picture of the damage in Florida from Hurricane Ian. Just try to imagine how many truckloads of the remains of houses and larger buildings you can see, and marvel over the efforts to clean up. I suppose all that trashed wood has to be burned.

One must suppose that someone knows what they are doing. I have no idea how often Florida has faced hurricane damage. I gather that people who have long experience with tornadoes may even have tornado cellars where they will be safe. Never been to that part of the country. Forest fire and river floods are far more familiar.

I have been to Florida once, long ago, to embark on a company-sponsored cruise of the Caribbean. Hated that, both the cruising part and the island-visiting part. I could go on at great length on that one, but I will spare you. Floor shows put on by your fellow workers can be somewhat painful!

For the most part, people move to a region for reasons other than the weather and just learn to cope with what they find. Many businesses exist nationwide and move their people around. We did that for a number of years, and I wouldn’t willingly work for a company with those policies again.

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