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Essential Purchase! by The Elephant's Child
October 10, 2022, 9:49 pm
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Do you have a copy of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution for your desk drawer? If not, I urge you to get one. Invaluable for regular reference! Available inexpensively at Amazon, and essential for those moments when you read something and say—Wait just a minute there!

Preparing for Armageddon! by The Elephant's Child
October 10, 2022, 2:46 pm
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Southern Florida was hit with a hurricane, and the damage was extensive. But they will clean it up. From the tenor of what’s out there on the web, we need to be stocking up with emergency food supplies, water supplies. We can apparently expect catastrophe at any moment. Is this just a sales pitch for those who happen to have emergency food supplies for sale? I suspect that to be the case.

Here in Seattle we do not have hurricanes. Looking out my second story window to the South, it’s somewhat smoky way off, which indicates forest fires in the Cascade Mountains. I’m always curious about where the fires are, as I grew up where forest fires were common, and you had to know where they were, so you could be prepared.

Never had any close, but it was always a possibility. Our place bordered on National Forest, and one trail took off to Lost Lake, which sounds far more romantic than was the case. It was a nice ride though. Having a destination helps. Then you have arrived and can return, not just judge by the time of day.

I still remember a post about a group of young women “environmentalists” gathered in a grove of saplings to discuss matters like “saving the world” and how brave and interested they appeared to be, out in nature, something they had clearly not done before. But the label of “environmentalist” was important to them.

My doctor recently asked me when I had broken my back. I had only gotten pitched off my horse once, so I could tell her exactly. My horse had been trained as a cutting horse, which means to cut a particular steer out of a herd. When I was out for a ride with friends, we ran into a small herd of cattle. My horse immediately started to try to cut one out, with some surprising sharp turns that pitched me right off. My friends had to take me home draped over the saddle. That was clearly when I broke it, but never realized it, nor had any treatment, so it wasn’t at all disabling.

You can buy up some “emergency food supplies” if you want, but although Russia and the Ukraine are fighting, there are no signs yet that it is spreading here. Who or what is promoting this fear of lack of food? And Why? I find it more than odd, and a little disturbing.

If I Remember Correctly… by The Elephant's Child
October 10, 2022, 12:57 pm
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Seems to me that a few years ago there was an attempt to portray plain old Columbus as a bad guy, as if discovering “the new world” was a bad thing. Didn’t catch on, Anybody else remember that? I guess it was meant as a sap to the indigenous peoples and how the European imports were damaging their lives. Or something like that.

Today we mostly fly over oceans and can’t spend the time it would take to sail. Of course there are many who still sail because of the adventure and the skill involved, and a good many sailors have chosen to sail around the world. But sailing off into the unknown when you didn’t know what was on the other side, if anything, was a vast adventure with no guaranteed return.

So we sort of celebrate “Columbus Day” without much idea of who he was or what he did. There are some pictures, but it’s not clear if they bear any resemblance to the actual person, and some of them are clearly portraits of different people. The history we have is not always as exact as we assume. Our notions of history changed rather dramatically once there were photographs. We’re a visual people.

Go to Bing Images and enter Christopher Columbus, and you’ll see what I mean.

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