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This Picture Was Posted 9 Years ago! by The Elephant's Child
October 20, 2022, 8:35 pm
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Readers continue to be attracted to a nine year old post about crumbling wind turbines rusting away. The turbines were left rotting away because they were no longer of any use whatsoever and left to rust instead of being removed. They were at the bottom point of the chain of Hawaiian Islands, and since any attempt to care for them was over, left to rust. I may still take down the post because it seems to be misleading people. They turned out to be not of much use in study of the climate, and left to rot.

The climate of the Earth is controlled by the action of our Sun, and the sun is just fine. There is NO CLIMATE CRISIS. There are activists who dearly want a climate crisis for their own ends, but out in the real world, it is simply not occurring. Go to the list on my main page under “Science and Technology” for a lengthy list of reliable websites., especially Climate Depot, Watts Up With That, and Roy Spencer PhD. Follow the links they list, and the scientists they quote.

You may have noticed that since the suggestion appeared that “we might have a food shortage”, all sorts of ads for long term food supplies, have started appearing. I explained this in an earlier post. I spent quite a few years in the advertising industry, and there’s nothing like a good scare to create a lot of “free advertising”. As soon as notions of shortages started appearing, so do offers. The only response to the scares that appear are to diligently get informed, not be reading one article, but by learning what is good information and what is plain bunk. Who are the most reliable sources of information? Who can you trust? That’s when computers become truly useful. You can learn who are authorities, who can be trusted.

There is NO climate crisis. We will have the normal amount of hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, maybe some that are far worse than usual, but there is NO indication whatsoever that our sun is failing us, that the weather is changing drastically, that storms are uniformly worse. We just had Hurricane Ian in Florida, did a lot of damage and Floridians are busy with cleanup and repair. Some tornadoes will cause more damage than others, floods and droughts, big freezes, welcome to the real world. Move out of tornado alley, move to a warmer climate, or vice versa. People are doing that all the time, and finding sometimes that they moved to a place with a high crime rate, or poor police coverage, or dust storms, or bad governance. We’re only humans and an imperfect race.

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