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There Are Real Reasons Behind Our Public Schools! by The Elephant's Child
October 28, 2022, 7:29 pm
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There’s a reason why we start sending out children to school around when they turn six years old. They are old enough to learn the fundamentals of reading, and theoretically able to sit at a desk in a classroom for a reasonable length of time. The ability to learn to read is of monumental importance. The wisdom of the world has been printed in books that can be read, considered, learned and hopefully become a search for knowledge from people all over the world who don’t live in your neighborhood.

Don’t know if you have ever met someone who has no education. We had a neighbor who had only a third grade education, and was then sent out to care for the sheep.

He cut back a lot of small branches along the river, left them lying there where the high water of Spring washed them downriver to come to rest against a railroad bridge upriver from us. Made an effective dam and the water deepened and backed up until the force of the dammed-up water broke the railroad bridge and a flood descended on us. Took out five buildings, and our power plant. You can’t exactly sue someone who does not have anything. We had lots of kerosene lamps for light, and a well-filled woodshed for warmth. It was a difficult time, but Idaho Power built in their lines fairly soon, and we restored our own power plant. It was, however, a permanent lesson in what the absence of education can mean.

We do have, from time to time, some evidence of people with little or no education, and it can be painful. In our modern society, they seldom are in a position to have major effect, and when they do, they are apt to end up incarcerated. I’ve never seen any statistics on the results of the actions of non-educated people, though there’s plenty of evidence of the results in society of people who don’t know anything useful. Do go to your school board meetings, check up on your schools. An educated society is invaluable.

It’s Getting A Little Weird Out There! by The Elephant's Child
October 28, 2022, 1:08 am
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The latest thing with the weirdos is a MILK POUR. You enter a high class grocery shop like Harrods in London, take the milk out of the coolers and pour it all over the floor.

It is somehow about climate because cows, who eat grass and give milk, which is put into bottles to sell to feed babies and small children, are somehow destroying the planet of the Earth because of their evil actions of producing milk or something like that.

This happened in England, but we are having problems in this country with what our young people are presumably learning in school. Sounds like we need a lot more parents going to school board meetings and checking up on what their kids are learning. We have been having our own problems with school shooters and such. We cannot just assume that all is going smoothly until some unbelievable crisis erupts.

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