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What Shall We Do About “Our Fossil Fuel Addiction”? by The Elephant's Child
November 8, 2022, 1:27 pm
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From Breitbart News this morning “United Nations secretary general Antonio Guterres employed some of his most apocalyptic rhetoric to date on Monday, warning participants in the COP27 climate summit of “climate chaos” due to humanity’s “fossil fuel addiction.”

Oh dear! Basic Earth news, Mr. Guterres: The climate of the Earth is controlled by the action of our Sun, not by the exhausts of our automobiles. As far as we can tell, Mr. Guterres, our Sun is just fine, shining down just as it has for centuries long before we were born. These panics seem to arise now and then until people realize that the sun is still up there, shining away, just as we have always known it to do, even when it’s raining outside. This time they are blaming “fossil fuels”

The U.N has told the “Rich Countries” to pay $2 Trillion a year, presumably to the U.N., which unable to do anything at present, will suddenly be able to do miraculous things once given $2 trillion a year. Well, if someone gave me $2 trillion a year, I might try to do miraculous things too. That’s a lot of money, and so far, I’m not particularly impressed with the U.N. nor Mr.. Guterres. The U.N. seems to be somewhat useful, but controlling the climate does not seem to be on their list of capabilities.

Since they seem to be unable to do anything useful about the climate, we have developed nice things like sunshades and air conditioning and fans,which help a lot, even if imperfectly. We keep probing and studying to see if we can find better answers, and perhaps we’ll come up with something. The climate doesn’t seem to be remarkably better on the other planets we have found so far, but there seem to be a lot of them out there, so we’ll probably keep looking.

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