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Elections, their Results, Our Reactions, and Next Time! by The Elephant's Child
November 9, 2022, 5:07 pm
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We went through a short-lived phase of protesting people opening the cooler doors in grocery stores and pouring milk all over the floor to protest something or other about the climate, which was not exactly clear. What whatever they were protesting had to do with milk was even less clear. The milk has apparently graduated now to mashed potatoes. Go figure! Why would anyone think that throwing mashed potatoes at a painting was either a good idea or that it might accomplish ~~what? I cannot imagine what they may have thought would come from their odd act. Just destructive. Mashed potatoes?

It seems as if the murder rate is way up. I don’t understand that either. If someone has deeply offended or damaged you in some way, I can conceive of retaliating, I guess, but that doesn’t seem to be what this is. I want to become a murderer and kill that guy I don’t like and go to prison for life? Huh? School shootings? Random shootings of people on the street? The immediate call is to get rid of all guns, nobody allowed to have one. A moment’s reflections should make one realize how silly that is.

I’ve had guns all my life, and can enumerate my victims. Nine rattlesnakes, two porcupines, one of which was trying to climb in my bedroom window right next to my bed, one lynx, and lots of woodrats who chose to nest in the attic of the woodshed. They make a colossal smelly mess, bringing in cottonwood fluff and peeing on it. This was way out in the mountains where wildlife was sometimes a significant problem. Never had occasion to point a gun at another human being. But I am a pretty good shot should it come to that.

The murder rate seems to be something different. Deliberate acts for unknown reasons. And from reading the news, it seems to be up, but it’s hard to tell. If you live in a high crime area of a major city a single murder doesn’t seem as earthshaking as it would in a peaceful suburb in a city with a major police force. I don’t understand why some people cannot accept the results of an election as the vote of the people and want to take things into their own hands. But I guess that too is simply a part of being human. A carefully written letter to the city, county, state official might accomplish far more than a physical protest.We all have our own ideas, and beliefs in what we deem to be right, and don’t like to see our officials go too far astray. But that, of course, is why we have elections. If you feel strongly, run for office!

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