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The World is Apparently Going Completely Bonkers! by The Elephant's Child
November 11, 2022, 8:12 pm
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Climate activists in Norway, the world press informs us, attempted to glue themselves to Edvard Munch”s 1893 painting “The Scream” at a museum in Oslo on Friday.”

Uh Huh. And if they had succeeded in gluing themselves to the painting, what would be the result? They’d be taken off to jail, and the sun, which is just fine, will go on controlling the climate and earthly temperatures as it always does. Where on earth did they get the idea that they somehow needed to be “activists” so somebody would do something about “the climate”?. Where did they get the idea that there is something wrong with the current climate? World temperatures today seem to be just fine, warm in some places, chilly in others, it is after all, November.

If hey had succeeded in gluing themselves to “the Scream” what on earth did they think that would accomplish?Their assumptions are all totally incorrect, Destroying a famous painting would simply put them in jail, influence nobody, and provoke some sort of massive laughter at the screwy ideas some people get.

The climate of the Earth is controlled by the action of the Sun, which seems to be just fine, producing day and night and keeping us warm in late November, with the help of our winter coats. This is, after all, the time of year when many retreat to warmer climates, and others head for the ski hills. Where I grew up in the mountains of Idaho, we might well have had our first snow by now.

How did we reach the point where we have “activists” who assume that making their acts known and notable, they can persuade the world to take unknown actions to control the climate, which we have never known how to “control”. Since it is NOT controllable, we adapt to colder weather by insulating our houses, adding stoves and fireplaces, and wearing warmer coats and sweaters. We are a very adaptable species.

Let’s assume that these “activists” are at least 18 years old, perhaps much older. What can they possibly think they are going to accomplish by gluing themselves to a famous painting? Boggles the mind.

Shifting Blame Doesn’t Always Work! by The Elephant's Child
November 11, 2022, 6:31 pm
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The ads for emergency foods continue to proliferate. Those who supply “emergency food supplies” are, of course anxious to scare Americans into buying their “emergency food supplies” because that’s what they are trying to sell at significant prices. I have written before on this scam. The United States of America has a plentiful food supply. There may be a temporary shortage of turkeys (I don’t know if this is true at all) because of a bird flu. which may or may not have affected our flocks of turkeys as we approach Thanksgiving Day, and the grocery stores stocks of Turkeys for your Thanksgiving dinner. If you do run into a shortage of turkeys, have roast beef instead. Market disruption, not food crisis.

The suppliers of emergency food supplies are, of course, trying to take advantage of a potential panic about food, and the possibility of shortages. The American food supply is bountiful, secure, and fears about food supply are misplaced. I have written about this before. There are no shortages.

We are having some temporary problems with gasoline prices, all of which can be properly blamed on Joe Biden who shut down the XL Pipeline from Canada, and messed around with train transportation, so prices are up at the pump. Mr. Biden’s attempts to blame gas stations are absurd attempts to shift blame to someone other than himself.

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