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Do You Pay Attention to “Celebrities?” by The Elephant's Child
November 12, 2022, 7:01 pm
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The profession of journalism seems to assume that we are all especially impressed y “celebrities”. What precisely is a “celebrity”? I guess it is someone whose name is known fairly widely. Journalists struggle to attach their stories to a celebrity in the assumption that with a celebrity name attached, we are more apt to read their story. I don’t know if that is true, but I am certainly not more apt to read a story if it is about someone whose name I vaguely recognize. I’m more apt to read a story if is about an interesting or compelling event.

I don’t care who a “movie star”marries. For the most part I have no interest in “movie stars.” Haven’t been to a movie in some time, nor seen any chatter that suggests that there’s a movie out there that needs my attention.

I can remember standing in line for a very long time in a line that stretched around a block, waiting to get a ticket to Star Wars. But it’s been a long time since there was even the suggestion out there that there was a movie worth standing in line for. What happened? See lots of pieces that suggest that the person or persons that the article is about is worth my attention or interest, but I seldom find them convincing. Don’t know if it’s just me getting older, or if what’s out there isn’t particularly interesting.

Haven’t seen any pieces that suggest that I just have to see “this”, whatever it is. Is that just me, or is Hollywood a little off right now?

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Celebrity status cuts both ways. There is famous and there is infamous. Especially when it comes to liberals. Sam Bankman-Fried celebrity status is crossing from famous to infamous. It appears he is about to supplant Bernie Madoff as the darling liberal wunderkind who used virtue signaling to cover his con-artistry.

Pay close attention to Tether, the underlying currency for half of all crypto transactions. Alameda Research with Cumberland Global helped create 2/3rds of all Tethers.

BTW, as a bank shot, let us see if George Soros is heavily invested in this as well. If so, 2 of the major liberal financiers of all of the insanity we are forced to confront may have their funding cease. The wheels of liberalism are greased by other people’s money.


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