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“Space” is a Remarkably Interesting Word! by The Elephant's Child
November 17, 2022, 7:41 pm
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We talk easily about “space” but we don’t know if it has boundaries or just goes on infinitely. Does it have edges? We don’t know. Our world society is founded and maintained by our sun. There seem to be other suns out there, but do they have planets and peoples? When such questions are asked, there will be those who are trying to find answers. We clearly do not know it all yet, or even very much, but we cannot get our minds around the enormous amount we just don’t know yet. Are there any boundaries there, limits to what we can know? We know there are other worlds out there, or at least lots of other stars. Do they each have suns and planets? Or are we somehow unique in the vast array of space? Does it go on forever, or are there limits and walls? It’s hard to get your mind to even consider the possibilities. Then consider the beginning of our world and our efforts to understand it and what it is. We’re still working on that.

At the same time we are reaching out into the space around us trying to understand who and what and where we are, and is there more out there? And more what? More space? More worlds? More civilizations? Anything?

Looking Out My 2nd Story Window… by The Elephant's Child
November 17, 2022, 2:57 pm
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The photo is of the Cascade mountains, but unfortunately not the view I get from my window. Clear blue sky today, looks like a nice day. The little rain we had seems to have cleared things up. Apparently the forest fires in the Cascades are either out or well under control. My house is on an East-facing hill over a golf course at the bottom of the hill, so I have a pretty good view, even if there is nothing spectacular whatsoever to look at. I have enough of a view to see the weather potential, and get clues as to what is happening in the Cascade mountains to the East.

There are large lakes on both sides of Bellevue. To the West, Lake Washington separates Bellevue from Seattle, with two major bridges, to the East, Lake Samamish is smaller, but still a significant lake. Seattle, on the western side of Lake Washington, lies on a major arm of the Pacific Ocean: Puget Sound, which, of course is salt water, while the two lakes are fresh water.I cannot see the Cascade Range from my window, just get clues. Interesting to think about how our lives have changed with television to show us that which we cannot see first hand.

I have a different view of things, having grown up in the mountains of Idaho. Makes me think of the views of those who grew up on the Great Plains, with no mountains in sight. Can hardly imagine it! I grew up in Idaho, but have lived in California, Arizona, and Oregon as well. Detest California, but surprisingly enjoyed the Arizona desert.

One of my commenters pointed out that Western mountains are “pointy” while most Eastern mountains are “round -topped”. Clearly true, but I had never thought of it that way before. We do have a lot of “pointy” mountains out here, but lots of round-topped ones as well. The Sierras are a formidable mountain range, almost a continuation of our Cascade Range that runs the length of the Western states down through the Sierras. I suspect that Americans mostly are not all that familiar with the basic geography of the United States. There’s always a basic quiz going around online to prove how ignorant we are of our own geography. How many states have you visited (just flying over doesn’t count, I mean really visited)

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