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Looking Out My Second Story Window! by The Elephant's Child
November 20, 2022, 2:03 pm
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No, this is not (unfortunately) the view from my window. There are forest fires in the Cascades. When I look to the South today, it’s smoky, Odd that I have to see smoky hills in the distance long before I can find out where the forest fires actually are. As I think I’ve said before, I don’t think the Forest Service understands that ordinary folk might want to know and understand what is going on. Their specialty! They apparently feel no need to share! If you care, you might let the U.S. Forest Service know that you do. They are apparently oblivious! Perhaps I’m the only one who notices!

I have read that when you have a tornado coming, it’s a good idea to get in the bathtub, but I have never experienced it, nor a hurricane either. The pictures of the hurricane in Florida were frightening, and the mess left behind promised a vast losses and a major effort to clean up! The home insurance industry there must be interesting! I assume that many people can move to a new area (husband worked for a company that moved employees around the country a lot) without being aware of the potential natural disasters. I read a lot, and keep up with the news, but there are weather events in some parts of the country that are natural to long term inhabitants, but frightening to newcomers.

I have no idea if most residents of the Seattle ares know nor care about what is going on in the Cascade mountain range. Perhaps I know and care only because I grew up surrounded by National Forest and BLM land and trails. A Forest Service trail that took off from our place ended up 20 miles away at Lost Lake. Nice ride, though the name of the lake was more impressive than the lake itself. Just another small mountain lake.

Seattle is located on an arm of the Pacific Ocean, Puget Sound is salt water, with two fresh water lakes to the East. Bellevue lies between two lakes and the country then rises to the Cascade Range. The Cascades are simply a part of a long range of mountains separating the coast from the interior that actually runs all the way down to Mexico. I have no idea how informed or even interested most residents here are.

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