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Thanksgiving Dinner Traditions! by The Elephant's Child
November 25, 2022, 10:09 pm
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I hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving. There were some doubts about the turkey supply because of the Bird Flu that has been going around. Do you rely on Turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner? In my family, Thanksgiving was always Turkey. Cannot imagine anything else!

Or do you not bother to follow that tradition? We’re very traditional here. Probably more the stuffing than the turkey. We do like stuffing. I have no idea if most people have a turkey dinner with stuffing, or if they just have a roast or something or other. Thanksgiving was always a family dinner celebration, usually with guests And definitely with Turkey and Stuffing. Where we lived, in the mountains of Idaho, with a steep hill down from the highway, there was almost always snow for Thanksgiving and we could get in a little sledding before dinner! There are advantages to living in the mountains!

Do you have similar traditions’? Or are your family holidays quite different? We get caught up in what the press tells us is traditional, which doesn’t always match up with reality. If your traditions are different, tell us. Very interested. Always find others’ traditions fascinating! That’s a fat and lovely turkey!

Are there other holidays where the menu is so traditional? Is there a difference in your family between Thanksgiving and Christmas? Ours was pretty much the same. Our cranberry sauce was jellied. Hot rolls, mashed potatoes with gravy. I don’t remember ever having cute little pumpkins like that. Our grocery stores were quite traditional, and our small town didn’t really allow for gourmet experimentation. If I remember correctly, we had to go to a farmer who raised turkeys just for the traditional dinner. We had o supermarkets, just small grocery stores, and had to go elsewhere to even get a turkey.

Vastly different from living in a fair-sized city where if your grocery store didn’t carry what you want, there were a wide array of other choices. I have the impression that Southern dinners were different, but never had Thanksgiving dinner in any other part of the country. l

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