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The Day After… by The Elephant's Child
November 26, 2022, 9:01 pm
Filed under: Politics

The day after Thanksgiving, is a time to switch attention promptly from Thanksgiving to Christmas. All those ideas you’ve been putting off about what you are going to get for whom for Christmas turns serious, and we have to make decisions. And that’s the hard part. You undoubtedly have some family members who are easy, and you know just what you want to get, and where to find it. But if you are normal and have a normal family, quite a few of them are just hard. The things you’d like to get are just too expensive and you just have to figure out a better solution.

Ideally, you have a little notebook in head or in reality, and all through the year, you tuck ideas in that little notebook, so you are well prepared for the next Christmas. You know, you are out shopping with them and they fall in love with something in the store. You can move on to your nest thing, but tuck away their beloved object in your mental notebook, and know what to get them when the season moves around. But it can be hard to find the special thing to get, to fit the personal budget. And we all want our our gifts to be special and received with gratitude!

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