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The View From My Second Story Window by The Elephant's Child
December 15, 2022, 5:07 pm
Filed under: Politics

It is just 4:30 here in my Seattle suburb. Looking out the window, it’s clearly beginning to get dark.The sky is still blue, but not a very clear blue, and interestingly, the clouds are pale pink, somehow reflecting a sunset, presumably to the West, that I cannot see at all. Five minutes later, and the sun has obviously done a lot more sinking below the horizon, and it will be dark in short order. I really didn’t realize how quickly it was getting dark. But then I’m only paying attention because I’m at my desk with the second story window, and the change in light from the outside is very noticeable. I don’t know how long it took me to type six lines of print, but it wasn’t much and it’s completely dark outside. It is now 4:53, and pitch black outside.

There is one house on the lane just downhill that has Christmas lights around its roof. The rest of the world is black. Far fewer houses seem to have bothered with Christmas lights at all. And we didn’t. Did a major job of cleaning off the roof and didn’t remember to check the lights at all.

In past years, I’m sure I remember most houses having lights around the roof. Electric bills gone up too much?

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