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On A Hill in a Seattle Suburb by The Elephant's Child
December 22, 2022, 4:37 pm
Filed under: Politics

The sky is a pretty uniform off white. The remnants of the last snow still hang on the trees and bushes, unattractive and uninviting. If I were an insulation salesman, I’d be out looking at roofs to see who badly needs more insulation and probably doesn’t realize it. Keep their houses warmer and cut their power bills. Pretty good sales pitch.

Not pretty outside. Treacherous roads. If you don’t have to go anywhere, stay home. From the sounds on the main East-West drag at the bottom of my hill, most people are staying home. Not much traffic. Not nice out. Treacherous weather. Don’t know what’s going to happen out there. The fallen leaves in the vine maple outside the window that have fashioned themselves into a bird shape and size now have a white breast that looks quite realistic. Odd, but interesting.

Flights apparently getting canceled or delayed because of the weather, leaving folks who were going home for Christmas stranded in airport waiting rooms. Hope they make it. Airport waiting rooms are not “Christmasy”. Wonder if airport staff would try to help out the stranded folks. Radio is telling me that Spokane was ten degrees below zero this morning. That’s cold!

Lots of trouble in the Cascade passes for those heading East for Christmas. Fortunately no plans to go anywhere for us. Do hope we can get our grocery order before Christmas, but we have plenty of food on hand, Didn’t plan, however on replacing the turkey with a tuna casserole. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Just checked: It’s 25 degrees out there!

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