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Living on a Hill! by The Elephant's Child
December 28, 2022, 10:34 pm
Filed under: Politics

I have mentioned that I live on the East-facing side of a hill in a Seattle suburb. Have a view out my second story window far to the South, that is remarkably uninteresting. There is often a flickering light far off to the South, completely unidentified. No radio towers, no airports, no industry. Annoying that I cannot figure out what it is. See and identify planes in the distance, but flickering lights are beyond me. It ‘s a fairly timbered area, which does not help identifying anything whatsoever.

Had a lovely Christmas, our tree is beautiful, with special ornaments. Who could resist glass pickles, Santa Clauses in kilts (celebrating our Scottish ancestry) and sleds and toboggans. Everybody has their own Christmas traditions, and it’s fun to haul them out once a year. A pain in the neck waiting for the tree to become more of a fire-hazard than is acceptable, and having to take it all apart and put it away for another year.

I need, I think, some kind of Christmas ending ceremony. Something better than worrying about it becoming a fire hazard. New Years should do it, but that season has become more alcoholic than fun, and too infested with resolutions and vows to do better in some unintelligible way. I’m not big on vague promises to be a better person, perfect as I currently am.

It always seems like there should be some New Year starting thingy, which is not satisfied by New Years Eve Parties. It has never seemed to me to be any kind of celebratory beginning of something new and wonderful, but more of a downer.

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