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December 28. Almost Done With 2022! by The Elephant's Child
December 29, 2022, 6:20 pm
Filed under: Politics

It is 4:42 P.M. in a Seattle suburb, and almost dark. Sky is gradually darkening, and it will quickly be night. Any signs of “winter” such as a teeny bit of snow hiding in the shade are long gone. My neighborhood (at least the portion I can see from my second story window) show no signs of remaining Christmas lights. Clearly it’s January and a new year. Christmas and New Years are over, and the next holiday is Valentine’s Day? That’s just cards and candy, and unimpressive. Everyone has to get out of the Holiday mindset and get back to their normal routine. The Internet needs to come up with something of interest, and they are clearly still looking desperately for something, anything.

Pitch black out. When the sun retires, it’s really, really black out. This always seems to me to be a very unsettled time of year. Everybody is kind of waiting to see what turns up, what is dominant, what matters. Our minds were consumed with Christmas, trees and presents, and then New Year’s parties — and waiting to see what takes shape. Commercials don’t seem to have much to offer. We probably spent too much on Christmas and aren’t prepared to sign up for more spending just yet. Some, who took a vacation for Christmas, have to return to work. People let things that didn’t need to be done immediately go, over the holiday season, but now they have to be done. That kind of thing. At the same time, everyone is trying to adapt to a New Year with new expectations and unknown problems hanging around out there. Unsettled.

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