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Coming Up With Solutions! by The Elephant's Child
January 3, 2023, 3:22 pm
Filed under: Politics

New Year’s celebrations are over, and it’s back to work and ordinary life. The sky in this Seattle suburb is blue behind a bunch of thin clouds. My twinkling light far off to the South is still there and twinkling steadily. In the distance, it’s somewhat smoky, undoubtedly fires in lots of fireplaces. Forest fires at this time of year are unlikely. I may turn into a weather-guru yet, but I probably should see my eye-doctor first.

That twinkling light does bother me. I suspect that if I knew the cause, that it isn’t something wrong with my eyes, I wouldn’t worry. It’s always the unknown that is trouble. Once we know what a problem really is, we can start on working out solutions. Human beings are pretty good at working out solutions to problems. It’s the identification that is the problem — recognizing that it is a problem. That’s the part that we are not very good at.

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