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Education, and What We Know! by The Elephant's Child
January 6, 2023, 4:48 pm
Filed under: Politics

It’s almost 4:00 in the afternoon in this Seattle suburb. The sky is completely cloudy, with faint tinges that suggest that somewhere behind all the clouds there might actually be blue sky, but not likely today or any time soon. It will be dark fairly soon. Slight suggestions of smoke in the air, but not much. It’s an ordinary work day.We’ll have to get our gigantic fallen fir branch cut up in time for next week’s collection. Has to be cut in 3 foot lengths according to the Garbage company. Lots of sawing!

We did get some of the smaller stuff out. The weather forecast offers nothing pleasant. cloudy and occasional drizzle. It is definitely not Spring yet! Winter, however, seems to be over. We are dominated, of course, by the Pacific Ocean and Puget Sound. I have no idea how much people realize how extensively geologic features dominate their local weather. That’s not usually a feature of public education. Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.

There’s a remarkable lot that is not covered by those three words! I wonder how often the education establishment looks at the big picture — the citizens and what they know and don’t know, to evaluate their curriculum. Does anyone evaluate what American parents know and are able to teach their children? Of course not. Do we actually want subsequent generations to know more and be more educated that their parents? Are we constantly trying to improve the curriculum so that we end up with a smarter population? And who is in charge of that?

4:40 P.M. almost completely dark. We realize, of course, that days are shorter in the winter, but it’s hard to focus on how early it gets dark, that nights are longer in winter. I certainly prefer a little more daytime. As the world turns!

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