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Information and What’s True and What Isn’t. by The Elephant's Child
January 6, 2023, 11:54 pm
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We are all trying to get information about and understand what is going on in the world. In the past we have had wars suddenly dumped on us, and we were all unprepared. We learned some powerful lessons from Pearl Harbor in 1941, and we’re not up for that ever happening to us again. However, stuff goes on in the world and we don’t always understand what it means right off the bat.

What about the current war between Russia and the Ukraine? We keep a close eye on things like that, trying to see how it is developing and what the potential might be. That’s why we try to be very careful about just who we put in charge. Wars don’t usually start with sudden dramatic eruptions like Pearl Harbor. I think, and hope, that the world learned a lesson from that one. We are a big, prominent country, but we can be aroused. And you probably don’t want to mess with us when we are. We want someone in charge who knows what they are doing.

It is hard to understand what is going on, for example, in the Ukraine. Is it just local, or something far bigger? Ukraine is said to be “the breadbasket of Europe”, and does that talk represent a threat to the food supply for European countries or are they mostly self-sufficient? The talk has even spread to this country with some encouraging panic on our own food supply.

Always remember that journalists keep their jobs by encouraging readers, and a good panic usually works to increase readership. So read with a skeptical eye, but follow up if you see something that worries you.

Journalists work hard at getting factual information to you, but they want their pieces read as their salaries depend on it. So they may be prone to being a little more alarming than the information actually suggests. None of us know what is going to happen tomorrow. If the information comes accompanied with boob shots or other unnecessary stuff, they may be just trying too hard.

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What is truth?

World Economic Forum: Only Way To “Save Humanity” Is To Unleash The Pedophiles

Truth is defined by the response to facts. The WEF has essentially defined evil as good and good as evil. The means you choose to achieve your ends determines whether or not your ends are just. The WEF is an eco terrorist organization, therefore anyone who associates with the WEF at Davos is equally condoning or approving the means. These people have openly declared war on humanity, given what has already occurred in the US such as California’s newly enacted legislation, they are a direct threat to the people of the US.

Let’s be really clear what a WEF association means: Treason. We now stand at an inflection point.

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Comment by dscott8186

There are multiple truths… greed

“…What you won’t find is a story about the company’s involvement in puberty blockers and the study that it funded. But the Post Millennial has a piece asserting that Ferring Pharmaceuticals did just that in 2006…

…Ferring wasn’t interested in compassion, support, or being an “ally.” It has a product to sell. In July of last year, Joe Biden’s HHS proposed a rule to add “gender-affirming care” to Obamacare, Medicare, and Medicaid. So yes, there is gold to be mined from children and their families.”

Big Pharma’s collaboration to WEF’s plan to reduce earth’s population for greed is also treason.

What is Joe Biden’s cause for collaboration?


Comment by dscott8186

Other things the WEF is behind:

Getting rid of gas stoves using bogus studies.

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Comment by dscott8186

What a bogus study looks like:

“After weeks of reports that your gas stove was secretly hurting you and your family, we find out that you just need to ensure proper ventilation (which is true regardless of whether you use gas or electric, by the way).

But the damage was already done. Google “gas stoves and health” and you’ll find endless headlines about that study that could frighten working families into making costly replacements that they both can’t afford and don’t need to make.

Meanwhile, another expert told a separate media outlet that the researchers had encased the kitchens in a Mylar tent to “trap and concentrate the emissions, and then measure the concentration.” No one cooks in a kitchen like that! He said it would “incorrect” to draw any health conclusions from the paper.”


Comment by dscott8186

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