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Six O’Clock on a Sunday Evening in January! by The Elephant's Child
January 8, 2023, 7:34 pm
Filed under: Politics

Pitch black outside, and has been for nearly an hour! I have never become acclimated to the short days in the middle of winter. I know all about it intellectually, but emotionally I hate it! I guess that’s why people trot off to South America for a winter vacation. President Biden just got back.

Of course, around the United States we have a lot of climate variation, which is why so many head for Florida or the gulf coast to leave winter behind. In Seattle, you get the complete downside: Short days, no snow to play in, rainy and miserable.

One can head for the mountain passes to ski or sled or just throw snowballs, but skiing has become hugely expensive. Lift tickets are outrageous. I grew up in the country at 4000 feet altitude, and winter offered all sorts of sports unavailable at any other time of the year. Good skiing, sledding, snow forts and statues to build, and in my case, a hot springs pool to swim and soak in. I really miss it. Perhaps the solution would be a big motor home to follow the best parts of each season around the country. Unlikely.

President Biden is apparently heading for El Paso, Texas “to finally get a look at the border”. Looking at the border will accomplish nothing, nothing at all, except to get one’s picture taken in the proper place at the proper time. Meaningless. Politicians do a lot of that. My favorite was A.O.C. clinging to a chain-link fence in Texas, I think it was, peering out at an empty parking lot. You can probably find that one if you search.

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