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Sometimes the News is Just Funny! by The Elephant's Child
January 15, 2023, 5:25 pm
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Hunter Biden was, according to the news, paying $49,910.00 in rent payments monthly, to live in his father’s house. Think that one over! So there are many ways for the average person to get rich. Just rent your house out to your kids! Is this how it is done? Gosh, I didn’t even charge my three kids rent! And they had all pretty well moved out by age 18 anyway to go to college.

A monthly rent of $49,910 would add up to $598,920 a year. and I could have quit my job and relaxed on a sunny beach. This is probably one of those cases where you want to make a note of how it is done, for future use, or perhaps to keep a little evidence that might prove useful at some time, like the next election. We do like to know what our elected representatives are doing.

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Creative way to pay back someone for other services rendered, it’s called money laundering. No different than creating invoices for fake receipts of goods and services to give the appearance of legitimate transactions. The mob did this with restaurants and other businesses to clean up their drug and other illegal profits. Did Joe declare this to the IRS? Will the IRS bother to look?

I have a theory… The reason they raided Maralago, looked in Barron’s and Melanie’s things was to create a false equivalence to absolve Joe Biden. I believe the time line is wrong, I believe someone accidentally found these classified documents and then in November Biden’s lawyers did their “discovery” to establish the “official time line” to be after the Archives filed the complaint that led to the FBI raid. They calculated by making the date just before the election the upset would be about timing, cover up and double standards and NOT about Joe/Hunter Biden stealing classified documents to use them for corrupt acts.

Honestly, he easily could have had one of his flaks gather up the documents to either burn them or return them to the WH after his election.

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