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Haircuts For Men! by The Elephant's Child
January 20, 2023, 6:06 pm
Filed under: Politics

I’ve been reading a biography of Oliver Cromwell, and the portrait on the cover of England’s famed “Proprietor” shows a gentleman with shoulder-length curly hair, which I assume was common in his day. So I started wondering just when short hair for men became fashionable, setting aside today’s wide-open fashion for anything goes. I assume that the “fashion” today is for pretty short hair with lots of exceptions for whatever.(with the full understanding that a walk down the block would probably show you a bit of everything.) Seems as if the fashion is pretty much straight old haircuts, with, um, variations.What we think of as pretty much a “standard hair cut” originated in the 1920s, encouraged by the crew cuts of a couple of world wars. Not sure where today’s “anything goes” came from. WWII was military crew cuts, and that’s been ordinary ever since. Haven’t seen any portraits of our soldiers with anything but a standard short cut ever since. I would assume that a standard short cut is much more comfortable than long hair, but I’m female. What do I know?

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