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Coping With the Real World! by The Elephant's Child
February 5, 2023, 9:02 pm
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It’s getting a little weird out there. Everybody now wants to be paid, especially for things that were always free. Have you noticed? Won’t be long until websites want to charge you for commenting. I’ll have to find some other way to express myself. If it is always formal, and if you want to say something you feel strongly about, I can understand the attempts to get paid for using someone else’s space, but I can think of no quicker way to destroy the free and open expression of ideas that made the internet so attractive. A lot of the commentary is useless, unimportant or ill-advised, but the search for important ideas from people you don’t know is really a very big deal.

We all have our own routines, end up listening to the same people we listened to before. Journalism attempts to capture what is going on, but they are reduced to using unsubtle tricks to get people to read their pieces. Celebrity names, boob shots, skimpy clothing, all that sort of thing. Of course it is inefficient, hard to find what you think is really important. It’s a big messy world out there. We used to try to understand our own immediate world, but the modern world now includes the whole thing, and we’re really not familiar with the part that is beyond our immediate sphere of influence.

We just had a long session with what was apparently a Chinese spy balloon drifting over our country, and nobody seemed to have any idea what to do about it. We don’t even know what they were spying on, nor what it matters, nor even if it does. Couldn’t decide whether to shoot it down, ignore it, capture it or what. Nations have longstanding friends, and longstanding enemies. Governments are vastly imperfect, often have no ideas of how to deal with these odd things, nor what any repercussions might mean or cause.

Nations have ambitions, some well meant, others nutty. You have to know a lot about the other countries to know what they are up to. When Adolf Hitler first appeared on the scene, who knew? Their public ambitions may be vastly different than their private ambitions. The odd people who come up with goals of controlling the world themselves actually appear from time to time. The rest of us are trying to remember to put the garbage out on the right day, and find someone to repair the outer boards on the deck, which need to be replaced.

Stop for a brief moment and ponder the vast increase in cost for a tankful of gas for the car, and all the little decisions that effects. At what point does it become a big deal?

Life has always been a struggle, We are imperfect humans who know a lot less than we wish we did. And we are dealing with thousands of other imperfect humans who are just trying to get along and cope with life. We all make bad decisions in among the rare good ones. It’s just messy out there. We try our best to cope, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. If you start with recognition of the difficulties of life, it may help, or maybe hot.

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At what point does it become a big deal? Good question, here’s the deal…a massive disinformation campaign.

Biden crows over the January employment #s then shortly thereafter the balloon controversy appears. Some might say that Biden’s good news was drowned out by his seeming mishandling of the balloon. The balloon was detected the prior Saturday (28th) and then on Wednesday Biden gives the shoot down order, then on Sunday it’s shot down. I would say the balloon story was revealed to drown out Biden’s whopper claim of 500,000 plus jobs in January.

US Economy Actually Lost 2.5 Million Jobs in January – Reported as a “Gain” of 517,000

Had the balloon story not broke, the story would be Biden’s whopper. When businesses lay off 2.5 million in one month, they must be actually seeing something. I say the other shoe is about to drop.

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