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Valentine’s Day! by The Elephant's Child
February 12, 2023, 5:21 pm
Filed under: Politics

After four o’clock in the afternoon, here in a Seattle suburb.Very cloudy skies, with only vague hints that there might be blue sky somewhere behind them. In other words, a completely ordinary day. Tiny bit smoky off to the south — which I attribute to fires in local fireplaces for comfort on a not very inviting day outside. Not bad weather, just nothing out there, beckoning one out, as a little sunshine might do. Well, it’s only February, which is always a dismal month, promising something better– later. Of course we’re all looking for those better days. It’s just an unfortunate time of year. Have there been any special Februarys that you can recall? I certainly can’t. Long ago, in grade school, there were Valentine’s Day boxes, always heart-shaped and bright red in which one put a valentine for each of their classmates. If you missed anyone that was very bad, and the drug store had big packages of very cheap valentines to satisfy the need. Where did Valentine’s Day come from? Was there a Mr. Valentine that we celebrate for some reason? Can’t recall.

Nothing promising in the news, just more “uninvited objects” in the sky shot down, but no real answers yet as to what or why, or where from. So far, it looks like devices designed to capture our communications, but that seems uncertain. More comfortable having them shot down. Some have been captured to investigate their mission and contents. so somebody is indeed paying attention.

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