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March First! by The Elephant's Child
March 1, 2023, 7:38 pm
Filed under: Politics

I really hate this time of year! The weeks of switching from Winter to Spring. Undecided! The weather cannot make up it’s mind as to just what season it is. Spring is there, yearning to break loose and bloom, burst out in sunshine and blossoms, but the rain clouds just won’t let go! I haven’t looked up the last years posts about this time of year, but I was probably complaining then tool

Part of it is undoubtedly that one simply doesn’t know what to expect of the weather. Is it going to be Spring or is it Not? And of course, after a long winter one is yearning for Spring and blossoms and sunshine, and simply knowing what to expect of tomorrow! Winter and snow and rain pretty much trap you indoors unless you are a devotee of winter sports like skiing, skating and sledding.The good skiing snow and the ice for skating are long gone before the weather warms up enough for ordinary outdoor sports. But then those who live in the country have to cope with mud and overflowing ditches before the weather settles down and decides to work on warming up for summer.

Ad unsettled time of year, when we’re all sick of being trapped indoors because it’s either raining or snowing outside depending on where you live. Obviously it’s the time of year when so many head for Florida, where the seasons have already changed. In the Idaho mountains, one could watch the South-facing slopes to see how fast the last of the snow was vanishing. Mud and puddles. In a suburban city, it’s not that simple.We wait for the city do it’s thing about repairing mud puddles and overflowing ditches and winter damage, but it’s not yet decent enough outside to do much of anything about the outdoors until the weather clears. And you know that splendid Spring weather and blooming everything are just around the corner. One gets impatient.

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