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What’s Happening Out There? by The Elephant's Child
March 4, 2023, 7:08 pm
Filed under: Politics

Saturday, March 4. Apparently the excitement of the week here in Bellevue WA, is that “a grandma was attacked outside a store in Bellevue”. Oddly, the name of the store is never mentioned, nor the identity of the “grandma”.. This story seems to appear at least every week, always missing Identities, with different pictures of varying “grandmas”. It is 6:30 in the evening in Bellevue WA. The poor “attacked” grandma not only in never identified, with her varying photographs, varying stores, nor the shopping center is not identified, and we are left to assume that it is Bellevue Square, though we do have several smaller shopping centers.

One depends on usually getting accurate information from the radio and the internet reports. We. of course, read with a degree of caution and awareness of the possibility of inaccurate information, and changing reports, BUT ?

Theoretically, we need to get our news from many sources, How much do the people out there realize that their favorite news sources may, even though attempting to be accurate, may not have their facts straight. Our own usual sources of information may be wrong and we need to be consulting several sources. And of course we all have our own prejudices derived from our own past experiences. Those who come from a large city have a different mindset than someone who grew up rural, just to mention the biggest differences.

Because of some bit of news I saw, I had to look up a picture of a pangolin because I had no idea what a pangolin was, nor where they came from No pangolins in Idaho, nor the state of Washington, though I have not been to the Seattle zoo for many years and have no idea what they have now.

I mention this simply because it’s so easy to be very ill-informed. Theoretically we are all lifetime learners, but that doesn’t keep us from being massively ignorant as there is just so much to know. Unfortunately, massive ignorance can apply to a lot more important things than the identity of a pangolin. (Though pangolins are pretty interesting, and you might be enjoy finding out what one is.)

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