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Ford Motor Company is Seeking a Patent to Repossess A Car Remotely, Good Idea? Or Poorly Thought Through? by The Elephant's Child
March 7, 2023, 8:19 pm
Filed under: Politics

Ford seeks patent to repossess a car remotely — by locking owners out of their cars & cutting off AC & forcing car’s audio system to ’emit an incessant & unpleasant sound’

So why would anyone buy a new Ford on credit? If you intend to buy a new car on credit, would you buy a Ford? Someone there is not thinking very clearly. “Incessant and Unpleasant sounds” indeed.

People who have to buy their new cars on credit, would probably go to some other brand. Accidents happen, People who have no intention of ever missing a payment, sometimes do. It’s sometimes hard to save up enough to buy a new car, even on credit when they feed capable of never missing a payment. What about those people who never miss payments, but understand that sudden accidents happen. Strikes me as probably a very bad idea that will lose them a lot of customers. Even those who have never missed a payment. No ides.

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