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Current Population of the United States: by The Elephant's Child
March 9, 2023, 7:54 pm
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July 2023 : 334,462, 012, The world population is noted as 7,955,612,850 which is of course, only a vague estimate. What if a good chunk of those numbers are twins, or even quadruplets. Be interesting to see a study that clarified the possibilities of those numbers. Even our numbers may not be very accurate. Twins? Triplets? Quadruplets? Do those numbers come from hospitals? But many babies are born at home. So all we’ll get are good estimates, I guess.

I think they count kids entering school at age 6, but I’m not sure of that. I started 2nd. grade at age 6. My birthday wasn’t till the end of November, and all my playmates were starting school, so my parents had me tutored for the first grade, and I began school in the second grade. Worked out fine. just state rules for officially entering school at age six. Didn’t say you couldn’t start in the second grade, just that you had to be 6 to start school.

Lots of countries have large populations in very rural areas, and population counts are bound to be far from accurate. Would be interesting to know how far off the population counts are.

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