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March 11! Blue Skies, Some Vague Clouds by The Elephant's Child
March 13, 2023, 6:32 pm
Filed under: Politics

From my second story window, looking to the South: lots of gray and white fluffy clouds around the horizon, but the rest of the sky seems to be uniformly mostly blue. Not exactly the kind of weather that makes you want to run off to the beach, or even open all the windows, but much more pleasant than more rain. Here in the Seattle area, we get plenty of rain in the natural course of things. It’s nice enough, but the weather will improve in April and June.

For those unfamiliar with the Seattle area, the Pacific Ocean flows into Puget Sound, a very large salt water body, open to all ocean shipping, and the transportation hub for the northwest American states. Portland, Oregon is also a transportation hub, but because of the Columbia River which drains the Northwest into the Pacific. Lived in Portland for several years during the war, and the Columbia runs right through Portland and all traffic is dominated by which bridge you use to get wherever. Puget Sound has lots of islands and bridges. Seems similar, but communities are different depending on which island or peninsula you live on and the resulting bridges. I grew up in Idaho and we had about three miles of a much smaller river on our property. Good fishing, but not of much use otherwise. Not navigable at all, but plenty of trout. Was rather nice to be able to just grab a fishing pole and trot down to the river to get some trout for dinner.

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