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Books, Books, Books! by The Elephant's Child
March 14, 2023, 7:45 pm
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What Covid has done, is make large numbers of us stay home as much as possible. I’m retired, so I don’t need to go out much, and make appointments only when really necessary. I really dislike being sequestered at home, but it seems to be wise. I have enough books to keep me reading for a great many years and rereading books is just fine as well, though there are limits!

Growing up in the mountains of Idaho left me starving for books. Our nearest town was 9 miles away, and a small town that had no library. Neither the grade school nor the high school had libraries. The town was a county seat, but the court house had no library either. Boise, the state capitol, had no public library. The capitol building had a very small State Traveling Library, and on the rare occasions when we went to Boise (100 miles away) I’d borrow the maximum number of books and send them back by train.Idaho, in those days, didn’t seem to be a major state for books and reading. Boise had two small department stores, but neither of them carried books. My aunt in Pittsburgh sent books for Christmas and birthdays, but there is a limit to how many times you can read the same book with pleasure. Consequently, I have a lot of books in the house, The computer age has brought some relief, but I don’t need to buy more books, I just need more books to read. Covid has kept me from going to our public library though we have several branch libraries.

What do you consider the best book you have ever read? What can you read many times with pleasure? There are some limits, when you get to know a book too well to be able to read it once more.

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