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Cloudy Day In Seattle! by The Elephant's Child
March 15, 2023, 5:06 pm
Filed under: Politics

Not even a tiny patch of blue in the sky today.The sky is a pretty uniform white, but it looks as if there is some blue remotely behind it. It’s a weekday, an ordinary work day, so there are not as many fires in fireplaces and less smoke in the atmosphere. Definitely not even vaguely a sunny day. Not going to happen. Though it’s bright enough. If you expect days to be either sunny or rainy, don’t move to Seattle. We have a lot of unidentifiable weather. Off to the South,there are a few spots where it looks as if the sky might be blue behind all the clouds, but that’s not even a promise. Blah white skies are pretty typical here. I grew up with bright blue skies and have never been able to adjust to Seattle weather.

I remain rather fond of big threatening thunder clouds, especially with lightening. Straightforward decisions, not wishy-washy maybe tomorrows.Even when it rains here, we usually don’t get big black thunder clouds. I miss that!

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