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Hollywood Celebrities Demand… by The Elephant's Child
March 27, 2023, 9:17 pm
Filed under: Politics

Headline at Breitbart:”Hollywood Celebrities Demand Gun Control After Tennessee Christian School Shooting: “Ban Assault Weapons Now”

My goodness. First, I have no interest whatsoever in what “Hollywood Celebrities” demand, or think or say. I have some interest if they make a good movie that seems possibly worth seeing, But, I have no interest in their political thoughts, ideas, or utterances. Because they once appeared in a movie does not give their “demands” any credibility whatsoever. They appear in the news because some people might be interested in the thoughts of someone who has once appeared on the big screen. The overwhelming possibility is that I have never seen their movie, and even if I had, would have NO INTEREST in their ideas. They are quoted because they are “Hollywood Celebrities” so some people might be interested. They have no more information on this tragedy than any of the rest of us.

Reporters use “Hollywood Celebrities” words to try to get viewers to read their article. Nobody is interested in their thoughts. These particular “Hollywood Celebrities” are totally unfamiliar and uninteresting to me. The ides that “Hollywood Celebrities” might have something of interest to say is astonishing. Never heard of these two anyway. Lazy reporting.

I am annoyed by the extent to which reporters rely on including a “celebrity” name to gain interest. Make your story interesting by your coverage of the origins of the original article. Where is the Christian School in Tennessee? Which Hollywood Celebrities and why should we have any interest in what they demand. What other Christian schools have been attacked . I don’t have any answers because I’m not a reporter trying to get my article read.

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