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Palm Sunday, and the Approach of Easter Sunday by The Elephant's Child
April 2, 2023, 5:52 pm
Filed under: Politics

Tradition says that the citizens of Jerusalem laid palm branches on the streets of Jerusalem to welcome Jesus in his triumphal return to the city, and the crucifixion, and thus the Christian religion. How that got translated into dyed and colored Easter Eggs, I don’t really know. “Traditions” are not always completely clear about just why they are a tradition.

Did the dyed or colored Easter Egg extensively precede the Easter Egg hunt, which seems probable, or did they emerge simultaneously? Dunno. Are there still Easter Egg hunts? Also Dunno. Is there a religious significance to the Easter Egg Hunt? I assume that Mother’s Day preceded Father’s Day, and assume that is because Fathers felt left out with just a Mother’s Day, but I don’t know that, They may have emerged simultaneously. Learning about just why and when “traditions” appeared is interesting.

Do families still set aside time to hard boil and color Easter Eggs? Are there still Easter Egg Hunts? Big ones? Or just family traditions? Or are they church sponsored?

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