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Looking Across the Valley From My 2nd Story Window by The Elephant's Child
April 10, 2023, 7:42 pm
Filed under: Politics

Very smoky on the opposite hill. I think I can clearly blame it on a chilly day and everyone having a fire in their fireplace. I remarked in an earlier post that in this Seattle suburb, I’ve never known of a house here that does not have a fireplace. Firewood is relatively inexpensive, we have way more woods than open space, and on a chilly rainy day outside, a fire in the fireplace makes it home.

I grew up at a hot springs resort, and the house there was always warm in winter from just the hot water piped through the house. There was no such thing as an ice cold toilet seat. But we had lots of timber, and plentiful firewood available for the cutting and lots of fireplaces and wood stoves. Spoiled rotten.

I have no idea if other parts of the country have fireplaces as the norm in their homes. I’ve always lived in wooded territory. I take that back. I lived close to the Central Valley of California for a while, and genially detested California in every way. California has been a badly managed state for years, and the draw of “California Here I Come” patent nonsense. I suspect that the moves out of the state exceed those moving there by huge numbers, but that may just be me. You would have a hard time today to get me to even visit.

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