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A Little After One O’Clock in The Afternoon! by The Elephant's Child
April 11, 2023, 1:26 pm
Filed under: Politics

The skies are actually blue in Seattle! Been a long time since that happened. Lots of white fluffy clouds, but the sky is a definite bright blue. Nice! I haven’t kept track of the numbers of days that are just plain cloudy, but that “The bluest skies you’ll ever see are in Seattle” has always been sheer bunk.I get really tired of cloudy days and never getting a bit of clear blue skies and sunshine, I’m very used to it and clearly understand the reasons, but I really miss sunshiny days. The few folks you see with good suntans are usually just back from Hawaii. If you want a good suntan, you don’t hang around here.

Seattle sits in a narrow space between the mountains and the sea, also lined with a large saltwater sound, and rivers and lakes, so it’s just naturally moist here. But the lack of clear sunshiny days can be depressing. Anybody here with a good suntan is just back from somewhere else.

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