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The Seattle Sky is a Bright Blue With Fluffy White Clouds! by The Elephant's Child
April 11, 2023, 3:54 pm
Filed under: Politics

How nice to have blue sky:! A few more hours and I will have forgotten entirely just how gloomy it has been. You can’t stay indignant for very long. Each day brings something new. However, the United States, or perhaps it’s just the journalists who need something to write about to get attention, is caught up in abstract worries about the climate. There are international worries about the climate. Just why, I don’t really know.We like nice sunshiny days as long as it isn’t hot, and complain about rain because it spoils whatever it was that you were planning to do on a sunny day.

Our normal complaints about the weather, which arrive whenever it isn’t a nice day, are vastly multiplied if it has been more than a few days of somewhat unpleasant weather, but complaining about the weather substitutes nicely for ordinary intelligent conversation. Now when international concerns about the CLIMATE occupy a vastly increased portion of journalism and conversation “climate” goes right to the top of the list. If “CLIMATE” is a increasing worry, that the climate of the Earth is somehow changing. what are we supposed to do about it and is it terminal? Is the climate changing the Earth?

Are we sweeping into an international panic where we have to find some other planet to live on? Then it becomes an enormous worry, are we all going to die, and how soon? Or are we all going to get on space ships to go somewhere else? Seems to have originated in Davos, and one of those big international meetings of self-regarded important international people. I’ve written before about the Swedish high school kid who came to America on a sailboat to warn the Americans that the climate was changing. Never understood why anyone paid any attention to her. But journalists are always desperate for something special to attract international attention. It’s all apparently contributed oodles of money to her family.

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