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Do You Know Who Your Representatives Are? by The Elephant's Child
April 27, 2023, 8:52 pm
Filed under: Politics

Do you know their names and faces? Have you written them when there is an issue that worries you? Do write to them when something does. They need to know that the people who voted for them want to know that they are doing what we wanted! There is nothing that will do a better job of keeping them on the straight and narrow, that knowing that their actions and words are being monitored. If we just send them off to Washington without the clear knowledge that we are keeping track for the next election, we deserve the sloppy votes we are likely to get.

In other words, the good government we supposedly want, is a result of our paying attention and letting them know that attention is being paid. Being an official in our nation’s capitol is a big important job, and whether or not they do a good job matters. Not enough to just vote. They need to know that we have high expectations and they are expendable. If you cannot name your representatives and recognize them in photographs, you are not doing your job. We’re all way too inclined to just vote and then pay no attention until the next election, and not know exactly what they have done in their representation of us!

I’m just as guilty as the rest of you. Too easy just to vote on election day, and then pay no attention until you read about something being passed in Congress that horrifies you. If you do not know the names and appearance of your current representatives, look them up now. Find out what they are actually doing. Doesn’t do any good to have elections if we don’t follow up!

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