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Extreme Confusion About What Matters… by The Elephant's Child
April 27, 2023, 8:24 pm
Filed under: Politics

When I am searching for news programs for information about what is going on in the world, I am not searching for some celebrity to tell me. I am interested in someone who reports on the news factually and truthfully. I get too many reports from people I would not trust to walk my dog. Why would I trust them to inform me? I turn to my computer to learn what is happening, After listening to various purveyors of news about events all over the world, I settle on those who offer their reports clearly and informatively. I’m interested in their carefulness and truthfulness, not their opinions. I want to know what is really happening, and I don’t want to be misled.

I cannot control what is going on out there, nor even influence anything. I can only react. Gather up what news seems accurate and careful, and slowly form opinions from the news I have gathered. But there are millions of me, trying to do just that. We can’t really change anything, but we do vote, we do write to our congressional representatives, probably not often enough, and we do throw out those who are creating the news when we find out what they are up to. We want better information, more truthful information, and more careful coverage. What the American people think and worry about matters.

News sources seem to worry about the looks, or the comments of those they allow on their screens. The American people may have favorites, but what they want is the truth.We don’t want to be swept into wars that we think are wrong, ally ourselves with people we do not trust. Listen to what is “fashionable” rather than what is true. It’s very hard to arrive at that trust News companies get confused about what we are asking for, and provide us with looks, or glamour, or some kind of authority, and suddenly we are having to send our young men off to be drafted to fight in some other country for some cause that does not really seem important at all.

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