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Second Story Seattle Weather Report by The Elephant's Child
April 30, 2023, 7:40 pm
Filed under: Politics

Looking out my second story window to the East, the sky is a pretty uniform uninteresting gray. It’s just after 7:00 P.M. at the moment, but it wasn’t any better earlier.. The sky is a little lighter at the Eastern horizon. Songwriters, however, do not seem to get inspired by gray skies. Can’t remember any songs about gray skies, but I’m not particularly musical either. My mother desperately wanted me to be musical, bu I just was not. Had piano lessons,singing lessons, and she ended up sending me to the woman who did the commercials for the Hartz Mountain Birdseed hour on the radio, to learn how to whistle like the birds. I have no idea why she was so intent on my being musical. Didn’t work anyway.

The city of Seattle is surrounded on the West by Puget Sound, a saltwater arm of the ocean, and on the East by Lake Washington, a very large freshwater lake. With the Cascade Range of mountains just to the East, lots of moisture around, but those who appear to have a suntan are probably just back from Hawaii. It can go on like this for days, neither sun nor rain, and most of us would have our preference, but the weather does not take orders from us, and the sun has a mind of its own.

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