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What is the Population of the United States? by The Elephant's Child
April 30, 2023, 10:42 pm
Filed under: Politics

That sounds like a simple question, but it is not. It is a constantly changing number as new citizens are born and old citizens die. And new citizens are counted, and new migrants sneak across the borders. There is no constant number of babies who are born each day, nor old folks who die. We have immigrants who sneak across the Canadian border to the North and the Southern border with Mexico without checking with the authorities at all. If you look at a map, you will see that one very long side of Texas, bordering the Rio Grande river is adjacent to Mexico and easily waded, crossed in an inner tube, or even a genuine row boat. The Northern border is also easily crossed without disturbing the Border Patrol if one chooses. Doing it all the legal way is not all that difficult.

America has long been touted as the “Land of Opportunity” which it is. If you don’t particularly like your location in some other country, it’s quite possible to do it illegally without too much trouble It’s all estimates anyway, and fairly vague ones at that. Here are the current estimates, but how many babies are being born each day, and how many old people die? That doesn’t count for all the accidents, murders, all that sort of stuff. How many people cross the border illegally every day just in search of a better job?

Our authorities try to sort through all the numbers and come up with good estimates, but it is a constantly moving minefield. How many people come over each week or each month, and do they stay? How many people in the numbers of “new residents” intend to stay, or will they go back home as soon as they’ve made some money? How about the country they came from? Do they keep good records? It’s all estimates, and we don’t know how good or bad the estimates are. Does it matter? Easy enough to keep track of those who come here the correct and legal way, but I have seen no numbers on the best estimates for those who don’t co it the correct and legal way. It’s a very big country

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