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Spring Day, 9:30 at Night by The Elephant's Child
May 3, 2023, 9:59 pm
Filed under: Politics

Had the window open for a few minutes listening for frogs around the stream at the bottom of the hill. They have apparently retired. It is pitch black outside.Not even traffic sounds on the main East-West street at the bottom of the hill. It’s late and was an ordinary work day in the middle of the week, so presumably everyone has finished dinner and is watching something on TV before heading for bed.

Checked out the news of the day. Nothing that requires my urgent attention. Found a note in my desk drawer from sometime last year that announced that China has 34 million more men than women in their population. If you stop and give that some consideration, it’s a pretty startling statistic. 34 million men in China will never find wives, produce children. Just rolling that around in you mind and consider he possibilities, it’s a somewhat startling statistic with troubling effects. The Chinese government always worries about feeding their massive population. Cutting down on the increase in population would be good, but the effects suggest some real trouble. Does this make China more warlike? Find women from the populations of nearby countries? The possibilities are troubling, and what China will do about is also a troubling question. Are we watching closely to see how China reacts and what. if anything, they do about it. Hope so.

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