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Hot Summer? by The Elephant's Child
May 15, 2023, 8:41 pm
Filed under: Politics

Seattle is not a coastal city, but situated on Puget Sound, a saltwater arm of the Pacific Ocean. Seattle has Puget Sound on the West side and Lake Washington, freshwater, on the east side. Islands in the middle, and another large freshwater lake to the East. Then the territory rises abruptly to the Cascade Mountains, capped by the beautiful Mt. Rainier in a mountain range that extends south to the Mexican Border. Balmy summers, seldom hot. Lots of lakes in the landscape for any kind of watery recreation. Ocean beaches within driving distance. Home to the University of Washington, airports, big city amenities and small town amenities, seldom uncomfortably hot weather, 81 degrees was the high today. Mountain lakes within easy driving distance or all sorts of National Forests for hiking and camping. Sky is partially blue today, with some clouds. Not very much to complain about in any direction, but of course we will manage. One needs something to complain about, and the weather is usually most handy.

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