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Headline in the Weekend Wall Street Journal by The Elephant's Child
May 21, 2023, 5:44 pm
Filed under: Politics

“Digital Rebels Want Real Stores Now” Digital Rebels indeed! An American woman wants a new dress. Went through this before, with the initial introduction of catalogs. She saw a picture in a catalog of a dress she really liked, ordered it in her size. Delivered, she tried it on and it looks like hell on her. Just not becoming,

The garment then has to be mailed back, means wrapping, taking it to the post office, note explaining the return, and so on. That’s why catalogs were never a shining success. It is a pain in the neck, but you have to try it on to see if it is right for you. That’s why we still have shopping centers and stores.

There is probably a way for garments to appear online, try them on your image on your home computer and decide whether it is suitable or not, but it’s certainly not here yer. Perhaps, somewhere down the road, we will no longer need shopping centers, and be able to do it all just digitally, but it’s not here yer..

There may be a solution for people who hate going to a shopping center, but so far this isn’t it. It is not a matter of a “real store” but of finding out if a pictured garment will look really good on you without having to go to the mall, engage in parking, finding the store and then the garment and trying it on. Perhaps we will come up with a digital way the store can send you a correctly sized image that you can try on the image you have for that purpose at home,,,, see what I mean?

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