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Is the Weather Important in Choosing Where You Want to Live? by The Elephant's Child
May 23, 2023, 10:37 pm
Filed under: Politics

A lot of people choose their state on the basis of the weather. Others choose for different reasons and take the weather as a ‘given’. There’s obviously some important reason why some people flock to Florida, for example, and why people flee from states where it rains all the time. Some people live where their family has always lived, others move for their jobs or career. Some work for a company that seems to like moving their people around. I’ve done both, but wherever I move, Idaho remains “home”.

I have no idea what most people regard as “home”, whether it is the place where they were born and grew up, where they were sent by an employer, where their relatives live or where they always dreamed of living, like close to a Florida beach, or an excellent ski resort. The reasons for where you live are your own and for your own reasons. I live in the Seattle area because my children and their families live here. where they grew up. Most of my moves were job transfers by the company my former spouse worked for.

That’s hard, moving to a new city that you are unfamiliar with, getting located, learning your way around, finding the network of suppliers, grocers all the stores and businesses you need to keep your life functioning. A lot of the early choices don’t work out. and you turn out to need others, and it’s a slow pain-in-the-neck business to find your best life support, and then you get transferred again. Not a lifestyle I’d recommend to anyone! Unfortunately you don’t always get to choose! I assume, but do not know if that is the situation for most people, or if they are still in the city where they were born and grew up. I seem to have moved far more than most of my old friends, but few remain where we all grew up. And it is surprisingly hard to find them again.

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