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Second Story Seattle Weather Report: by The Elephant's Child
May 26, 2023, 3:39 pm
Filed under: Politics

Skies are mostly a nice blue, with a few fluffy clouds around the horizon. Just the way we want it. Seattle and its suburbs are subject to a lot of rain, and it gets tiresome. Seattle is an inland city with saltwater Puget Sound to the West, and freshwater Lake Washington to the East. Freshwater is obviously preferred for recreation like water-skiing and swimming but if you are looking for ocean beaches you can head West. Washington State does not have spectacular sandy beaches like California does, but we don’t have the hot weather that drives people to the beach either. Nice blue skies are most welcome. Lots of choices for recreation. There’s another large lake to the East, (freshwater) then the landscape rises to the Cascade range, with Mr. Rainier as it’s crowning glory. Rainier is a pretty mountain.

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