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Who, Precisely, Ever Said That Black Lives Don’t Matter?


Apparently unaware that there are real problems in the world, the black youth of Baltimore decided to have a riot, theoretically based on the idea that “Black Lives Matter” which no one  disagrees with. Of course they matter, but not to the people involved. Baltimore has the fifth highest murder rate in the country. The murder rate in Baltimore stood at 37.4 out of 100,000 people So far this year, there have been 63 murders. Fifty-six of the victims were black.

More than half of Baltimore’s police force are black. The police are there to try to prevent those murders. Their job hovers on the edge of violence — they are called to stop something, to catch the perpetrator, or in the middle of something to prevent it getting worse. It is not an easy job, and if someone gets hurt, it is not surprising even when really good cops are trying hard to restore order.

The usual media commentary from afar (they’re not going to get in the middle of a riot) is usually about a peaceful protest  that is “marred” by a sudden outbreak of violence. The peaceful protest in Baltimore was marred by smashing and firing cars, smashing windows, throwing rocks and bricks, and setting buildings on fire as well as assaulting random people who just happened to have white faces.

It was supposedly in response to the death of Freddie Gray while in custody. What happened is not yet known. It is unlikely that many actually knew Freddie Gray, the son of an illiterate drug addict, who has repeatedly been busted for drug possession with intent to distribute. So far this year he was charged with second-degree assault, fourth-degree burglary and malicious destruction of property, and it’s only April.

The mass murder of young black men is being committed by black men. A peaceful protest wouldn’t attract many. Violence is the point, to be followed by looting. The attempt is to blame it on white supremacy in a city where the mayor is black, the police commissioner is black and the majority of the police force is black. Studies show that black officers are harder on black suspects, and that cops already hesitate more when the suspect is black.

One of the saddest stories was the burning of an eight year old Baptist project to provide affordable housing for poor seniors. Pointless.

One of the weirder supporters of the riots was Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who tweeted his support and sympathy for rioters burning down Baltimore while slashing fire hoses to prevent firemen from containing the fires they set. Khamenei said Americans selfishly abolished slavery for economic gains. If only the Baltimore police had converted to Islam, they would stop committing “crimes against blacks.”

@khameinei_ir  Even abolition of #slavery in #US wasn’t based on humanitarian intents but on North-South wars & conflict b/t landowners& industrialists and

@khameinei_ir Power with cruelty isn’t favored by #Islam. #Police should embody justice and mercy while being potent.

Uh huh.really helpful.

The Earthquake in Nepal — The Third Day.


The death toll in Nepal has risen to 4,438 in the three countries affected. When you look at pictures like this of the aftermath in Kathmandu of the earthquake and the aftershocks, you wonder how anyone could possibly have survived. The dramatic increase in the number of the dead indicates just how hard rescuers have been working to find victims in the search for the living.

I don’t know if building standards here are so much higher that our people are better protected, and if we help other countries to learn how better building standards can help to save lives, or for that matter, if they are poorer populous countries.

The U.S. has sent a disaster response team and $10 million in aid, and Red Cross Disaster Relief, Oxfam America, Save the Children have rushed to respond. The UK, Canada, Norway; Australia, EU, China, Germany, Singapore have sent funds. Pepsi and Coca Cola are sending bottled water, Kellogg, and Toyota are sending funds  Google and Facebook have created tools to help locate survivors, and to help survivors to let family know they are okay. It’s good to see the world respond.

A Smattering of Knowledge Derived From Talking Points

If you actually take the time to read what Secretary of State John Kerry says in a  speech about the climate, or actually listen to him, you can tell that he has never read a world about the science of Climate Change. His entire background is derived directly from Democrat talking-points.

If you accept that as a given, then you start to wonder about other speakers and what they have to say. It’s a really scary exercise.

Kerry Pumps Up Arctic Climate Agenda

The Arctic is a “critical part of the global climate system,” Kerry said. “The numbers are alarming,” the region is “warming faster than any region on Earth,” he said. Arctic sea ice is receding, which is creating an expansion of shipping and trade through the region along with opportunities to develop natural resources and energy. Kerry said the changes are also threatening the people who live in the region. More

IDF Emergency Response Team Has Headed for Nepal to Aid In Rescue Efforts


An Israeli Defense Force Command search and rescue team with a fully equipped field hospital has headed for Nepal, a 12 hour journey, to aid the earthquake stricken country.The death toll has climbed to more than 2,500 people, and 61 are known to have been killed in neighboring countries. The U.S Geological Survey has counted 12 aftershocks, one measuring 6.6 on the Richter scale.

The fully equipped IDF field hospital can treat 200 patients a day. Some 260 personnel accompanied the two planes.The field hospital will have a ward for premature babies, a labor ward, x-ray machines and a hospitalization area, as well as lab and surgery areas.

The first priority will be the search and rescue effort to find earthquake victims trapped in the rubble.They have cutting equipment, electronic devices to help find trapped victims, lighting equipment and more.

The Israelis are world-renowned first responders in the case of great natural disasters, and both extremely efficient and well prepared to work closely with local officials. An advance team left in the early morning hours. Arriving safely may be a challenge as the Kathmandu airport was heavily damaged in the earthquake

This is the worst tremor to hit this South Asian country in over 80 years.

Well, There You Go. Protests!


Possibly more sensible than some of the most recent others. Opposition to “Triggering” is just embarrassing. Nobody has a right to be free of being offended. It is a natural part of being human — get over it. Unless there are shots fired and bombs going off, you don’t need the protection of “safe spaces.” This is the real world, and you’re just going to have to live with it. People will disagree with you. Sometimes forcefully. You have no special right to be liked. Try being likeable. The human race contains all sorts of people, some nice, and some really, really bad. Try to tell the difference.

The Unexpected Sometimes Happens. Mother Nature is Still There.

The Calbuco volcano in southern Chile has erupted twice in the space of a few hours in _82507687_hi026877410

a totally unexpected blast. The Calbuco had been dormant for decades, but nobody expected today’s eruption. Chile, That long country in South America has a string of some 500 volcanoes, so we can assume that they know a thing or two about their volcanic mountains. The Calbuco is one of the most active but there was no warning sign. Authorities have evacuated more than 4,000 people within a 12 mile radius. In March the illarrica volcano erupted in the early morning hours

Meanwhile in Nepal, a massive earthquake, shallow, but very strong at 7.8, struck 48 miles northwest of Kathmandu. Avalanches were reported by climbers on Mount Everest, hitting an Everest base camp, where at least ten people were buried alive. At least 1832 people have been confirmed dead near Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital. We have sent aid.

It is a startling reminder of the natural forces of Mother Earth, and that we are very small.



The Immigration Problem Is Far Bigger Than You Ever Imagined.


Immigration is a touchy subject — minefields in every direction. We are a nation with borders and immigration laws, or at least we used to be. The president of the United States believes that American Immigration policies are not determined by the Constitution, nor by the laws of our country, but by his personal preferences. He apparently hopes to admit enough poor, non-English speaking illegal aliens from Central America and give them driver’s licenses, and thus the right to vote—to guarantee the next election, and future elections.

“Progressive,” “socialist,” and “liberal” are today interchangeable terms that describe participants in a moral crusade with a political agenda, usually referred to as “social justice.” It can be summed up as equality imposed by the state.The quest for a utopia of equals forges progressive alliances, defines their allegiances, and justifies the means they are willing to use to get there.They may differ on policies and tactics to advance the cause. But they are ever ready to subordinate their differences to achieve the common goal. Since the Democratic Party has become a party of the Left, progressive missionaries view it as the practical vehicle for making their idea a reality. They are willing to follow its marching orders because a political party that controls the state is the only way to achieve the goal. (David Horowitz: Take No Prisoners)

“Social Justice,” defined by the left as equality imposed by the state, is equality of the ordinary people out there, but the “progressives” proposing it view themselves as the state, those who impose equality, not those who actually participate in it. See the case of Hillary, who charges $300,000 for a half-hour speech (Bill gets $500,000) is clearly a paid-up member if the 1%, and excoriates corporate CEOs for making too much money, Which is not just silly, but major hypocrisy.

If we are going to have immigration laws, who should we let in? Everybody that wants to come? People who bring desirable skills? Refugees from the hell-holes of the world? The president can’t even get around to admitting the translators who worked with the U.S,Army in Iraq — whose lives are in danger from ISIS. That’s a disgrace. How many of the relatives of a new citizen should be admitted? People with significant assets? Degrees? Business owners? English speakers? People with no assets who will require welfare, food stamps, housing? Diversity? Ethnic origin? A large portion of the countries in the world are hell-holes.

A large percentage of the people of the world would like to come to America. If no immigration curbs are enacted, another 14 million immigrants will come to the U.S between now and 2025. That means adding a new population almost four times larger than that of Los Angeles in just 10 years time. But empathy, compassion, caring?

Businesses claim to need new immigrants, claim that immigrants have added much to American society, but when examined more closely, high-tech workers are being forced to train their replacements who will work for less money. One Silicon Valley company was paying legal Indian immigrants $1.24 an hour to work 100 hour weeks. There is currently a program that converts foreign college graduates back into foreign students so they can stay and work legally. That number soared to nearly 100,000 in 2013. Since they are defined by ICE as “students” neither the employer or the alien has to pay payroll taxes —so the United States pays a bonus of as much as $11,600 to an employer when they hire an alien graduate rather than a U.S.graduate with the same qualifications and the same salary.

Conservatives usually say they want the border controlled before we reform immigration laws and set quotas. They want the border fence completed. Scroll through this Google Images portrayal of the “Border fence With Mexico.” Mexico, by the way, is extremely offended by any border fence of ours, but anyone crossing into Mexico without permission may spend months in jail. They depend on remittances from illegals who have crossed into the U.S. to work  to support their economy.

I welcome legal immigrants with open arms. Immigration is not a suicide pact. We have a right to determine who and how many and when we will admit immigrants. But deciding who and how many and under what circumstances needs to be decided on the merits — not by ;politicians who are trying to appeal to particular voting groups. And Legal immigrants must assimilate, renounce their former country and become Americans. Barack Obama is doing wrong, and doing great damage to the country. He needs to be stopped.


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