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Election Results Continue to Trickle In. by The Elephant's Child


Digesting the election results. Some excellent results, some really dreadful. Here in Washington State, we apparently defeated the “green” carbon tax proposal which was an attempt to start a nationwide bid for a national carbon tax. Our governor tried to get it through the legislature and failed, but I guess nationally they thought this was a “green” state where it would be an easy pass.

We failed to get rid of Senator Maria Cantwell, which was a disappointment. We have two useless senators, both Democrats, and since the Democrats go by seniority, Patty Murray is now in the leadership, which explains a lot. The coastal belt, like in Oregon and California is heavily Blue, and the rest of the more rural part of the state decisively Republican.

You probably saw the press conference at the White House where Cnn’s Jim Acosta tried to take on the President of the United States, and lost his press credentials. Rude, wouldn’t surrender the microphone, struck a White House intern who tried to take the microphone away, and when it was removed kept right on talking and preventing other reporters from their turns. Good riddance. American journalism depends on freedom of the press, but when they present the facts on the ground with their own partisan slant, it deprives the people of the facts they need to understand what is going on.

Anastasia Ocasia Cortez won her election and will serve in the House, which is unfortunate as she doesn’t seem to know anything at all. “Beto” (Robert Francis) O’Rourke lost to Ted Cruz quite properly. Hollywood is dismayed as they fell in love with “Beto” as they liked his looks, and are anxious to see him run for the Presidency. (Which should tell you a lot about Hollywood).

Perhaps you noticed that when the media reported the Senate results, they said Republicans “clung” to the Senate, as if that was just a case of desperate luck.  Lots of races still undecided. Fox News committed a dirty trick, in declaring the Democrats as having won the House before people on the West Coast had even voted.

This election did expose a wide gap in understanding of the Constitution and the reasons its provisions have proved to stand the test of time. Democrats do not understand the basic structure of the government. The House represents the population, the people of the states. The Senate represents the States. Each state gets two Senators, without reference to population numbers. The least populous State gets the same vote as the most populous.

Democrats just discovered that when Hillary won the popular vote and lost the election because of the structure of the electoral college which is designed to prevent the populous states from bullying the little states with it’s population size. Which is a very good thing. The most populous states are badly run, and everyone is fleeing to locales with lower taxes, lower crime, lower debt and fewer sanctuary cities.


Alexander Hamilton: The Man Who Invented America by The Elephant's Child

A little history for the day before the mid-term election. Here’s a Praeger University short history of one of our founding fathers: Alexander Hamilton.

You might want to follow this up with Hamilton’s Blessing: The Extraordinary Life and Times of Our National Debt by John Steele Gordon.  As Hamilton said: “A national debt, if it be not excessive, will be to us a national blessing.”

There is no news today, only endless speculation. Is the election really a referendum on Trump as some have claimed, or is it strictly on a candidate by candidate contest? Tomorrow will tell, or Wednesday depending on how long it takes to get the results. Maybe we should go out and build bonfires tonight.

This is also Guy Fawkes Day, which I’m sure you all remember:

Remember, Remember the fifth of November,
Gunpowder Treason and Plot,
I see no reason why Gunpowder Treason
Ever Should Be Forgot.

England, 1605, Guy Fawkes, a member of the Gunpowder Plot was caught in the cellars of the Houses of Parliament with several dozen barrels of gunpowder. The explosion under the House of Lords was supposed to kill the King and the Royal Family. Fawkes was tried for treason. Bonfires were lit all around London celebrating the fact that King James had survived the attempt on his life. So it’s still Bonfire Night, devoted to bonfires and fireworks, as it has been celebrated for years. I’m assuming it still is going on. Never been there on November 5th, but I always remember the nursery rhyme.

The Democrats Insist This Election Is About Trump by The Elephant's Child

Everything in the “news” today seems to be speculation about the mid-term elections. Nobody knows anything, including the polls. (recall last election)
The most interesting comment I have seen came from Mark Levin, who asked: “Aren’t you getting tired of being called Nazis?” Yes I am. See the previous post on the degradation and politicization of language.

No, Donald Trump is not a Nazi. To the extent to which he is “authoritarian,” that’s why we have presidents – to get things done. And he’s done a pretty impressive bunch of things: When President Trump was elected, Nov. 8th 2016, the DOW stood at 18,332 and has moved up to 26,964. During President Trump’s first year in office, 2017, the DOW has closed at new record all-time highs – 103 times.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 250,000 new jobs were created in October. More people are working in the US than ever before and unemployment is at 50 year lows. In Trump’s first two years, the economy has gained over 4.3 million jobs. If you recall, President Obama said that the economy could not grow at a rate greater than 2% – It was a new era and we just had to get used to it.

The Washington Examiner lists 289 accomplishments in just 20 months. All of which the Democrats hate. But the tax cuts and relief from burdensome regulations have left businesses free to expand, build, improve and hire. People get the courage to act on their ideas and dreams, and introduce new products. I guess that since these were done by the hated Trump, all are derided as evil or wrong, and would be instantly eliminated by the Democrats.

African-American, Hispanic, and Asian-American unemployment rates have reached record lows. Women’s unemployment is at the lowest rate in nearly 65 years.

For all that, President Trump has been called a Fascist, Nazi, Racist, Anti-Semite (his daughter, son in law, and their children are all Jewish), and until he was elected President – nobody ever called him a racist. It’s not just that the insults are misplaced, but that they are so dumb. There are true-believers in the horrors of Climate Change (think nutty Tom Steyer) who are sure that getting us out of the Paris Climate Accords means that the planet will die next month or something, but President Trump was right. It was simply a plan to transfer as much American money to Africa as possible, and the goal of “climate change” is not to keep the planet from warming, but to destroy Capitalism.

Do look at the long accomplishment list.  As they said, It’s 20 months of promise-keeping. Oddly, the Democrats, always right on top of things, have insisted that this mid-term election should be a referendum on Trump, even though he is not on the ballot.

ADDENDUM: I should add that the reason the Democrats have insisted that this election should be about Trump, is because they are sure that hating Trump and all his accomplishments is a universal belief amongst all  but the stupidest Deplorables, and because as David Gerlernter said “Have you noticed that the Democrats have no issues?” And they don’t – other than raising taxes promptly and eliminating all the other useful things Trump has done. They really and truly just don’t understand basic economics.

Some Facts About Immigration, Legal and Illegal, and The Numbers by The Elephant's Child

Jessica Vaughn from the Center for Immigration Studies ( discusses the “caravan” on the Neil Cavuto Show, and tries to get across some of the immense problems involved.

CIS identifies themselves as being pro-legal immigrants, and anti-illegals. It’s a good site for learning about what’s going on with immigration and what the problems we face are. Careful research by authorities.

President Obama spiked legal and illegal immigration to a record level of 1.75 million in 2017—by accepting one migrant for every two young Americans who entered the workforce in 2017. That huge inflow matched the record set by Bill Clinton in 1999. Obama’s wave of legal immigrants, illegal migrants and visa workers rose from 1.1 million in 2009 to 1.75 million in 2017.

That same year roughly four million Americans turned 18 and entered the workforce. That four million included the children of immigrants as well as the children of illegal migrants. Many of Obama’s migrants went home when their work visas ended or when they were deported, but the total inflow added more than 5.2 million migrants to the US population from 2010 to 2017, according to federal data prepared by the Center for Immigration Studies.

The inflow included 1.1 million Asians, 1.1 million Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, 680,000 people from the Caribbean, and 480,000 people from South America. From 2010 to 2017 Obama also imported 680,000 people from Muslim-majority nations, even though Islamic theology urges believers to attack Americans. That inflow enlarged the Islamic population of the United States by 31 percent, CIS says.

The inflow includes many temporary workers. This keeps roughly 1.5 million white-collar, multi-year, visa-workers in U.S. jobs formerly held by graduates of American universities.  President Donald Trump has blocked business pressure for expansion of the H-2B visa-worker program and directed the H4 EAD visa-worker program be ended.

Obama’s inflow also helped elect Donald Trump.

The 2014 border crisis was triggered by Obama’s encouragement of Central American illegal migration. The crisis wrecked bipartisan plans to push an amnesty through Congress.

Obama’s pro-migration policies helped stagnate Americans’ wages in a depressed economy while providing windfall gains to the real-estate owners, retails, and investors who gained from the extra workers and consumers.

President Trump’s pro-American stance has resulted in employers hiring more Americans at higher wages, with the highest wage-gains going to those Americans hit hardest by Obama’s surge. Newly released data show 2016 tied with 1999 as the highest single year of immigration in U.S. history with the arrival of 1.75 million new immigrants, both legal and illegal.We are seeing what is happening to Europe with the massive flow of illegal migrants and the crime brought by them.
………………………………….(Click to Enlarge)

Illegal Immigration Is All About Power for the Left by The Elephant's Child

This seems to be Tucker Carlson Day at American Elephants, (I have two others on Free Speech waiting in the shadows). Of course illegal immigration is about power.  But how did they come to the conclusion that everything is about their power? They were thrilled with Obama as president, yet he did  a miserable job. Real good talker though.

What shifted? Was it that when Donald Trump made his campaign promises they sneered, and thought thank goodness we’re electing Hillary? And then when he was elected, it was a horrible shock Then, he began to fulfill his campaign promises, cutting taxes. That is unacceptable for Democrats. They need lots of taxes, big taxes, so they have the funds to dole out benefits to convince the deplorables to vote for them.

Is all the venom and hate because Donald Trump has cut taxes and the economy is booming as a result? Donald Trump has nominated outstanding Judges to the Supreme Court and successfully gotten them installed after all  the work Democrats did to fight the nomination? Is it because he got out of the useless Paris Climate Accords, and celebrates it? Is it because right in the middle of the Craziness of the Left every day, President Trump (You’ll notice that they never call him President Trump — it’s just Trump.) is inclined to brag a little about his accomplishments?  I think I may be onto something here.

Democrats Don’t Understand Basic Economics by The Elephant's Child

I’m sure that you have heard Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats claiming that President Trump’s tax cuts only go to the rich, and the common people get shafted. Uh huh. Of course they know better, but Democrats want high taxes so they can give stuff (benefits) to the deplorables out there to get their votes. Or, it’s also possible that they just didn’t do well with percentages when they were in school. The rich, and among them are many of the Democrats in Congress, including Ms. Pelosi, earn a heck-of-a lot more than most of us.

The most recent figures I could find are for 2015, indicating that the top 1% pay nearly half of all federal income taxes.  The bottom 80% are expected to pay about 15% of all federal income taxes in 2014. That’s because the rich earn an outsized share of all income. You can also add in the notation that they can afford the very best accountants and lawyers to help them pay as little as possible. Surprisingly, no one seems to want to pay a cent more than they have to. Since their income is outsized, when there is an across the board tax cut of – say 2% – that means a far bigger chunk of money to the big income people than it does to the small income people.

That simple exercise in percentages is why the Democrats get away with proclaiming that the Trump tax cuts only go to the rich. They are trying to make the deplorables angry and envious of the rich and hate the president who came up with the tax cuts that weren’t fair. They haul it out for every Republican tax cut, so that people will think that all the economic expansion, the full employment, the prospering economy that needs more workers, is somehow a fraud, and for God’s sake don’t even thing of voting for any Republican. Vote for Democrats who will stop all this nonsense and give you a nice familiar recession.

There’s also the very real possibility that they just have no understanding of basic economics.

The Socialist Dream, in which Reality Always Intrudes by The Elephant's Child

“How is it possible for any sentient human being to have lived through the 20th century without coming to understand that property rights are the basis of any rights that human beings have ever been able to secure, and that far from conflicting with human needs, profits are the only practical engine ever devised that even half succeeded inn fulfilling them.
Such willful ignorance does not stem from lack of intelligence, but has a deeper source in human desires that can only be satisfied by  religious faith. The socialist dream of achieving a kingdom of heaven on earth is as old as Eden.  It is the idea of putting a human design on the impersonal structures of the social order beginning with the economic market and extending to the constitutional order. In wishing this, socialists fail to understand that a market that human beings cannot control and a political process they are bound to respect are the very disciplines that human beings require in order to be human.”
…………………………………………………David Horowitz:  Jewish World Review 1/3/2000

“Ever since Karl Marx sat in the Reading Room of the British Library writing Das Kapital, great Western thinkers have been obsessed with discovering the flaw in capitalism, a kind of negative Holy Grail for the knights of progressivism. For Marx, capitalism functioned only by exploiting the proletariat. But the proletariat got richer and bought homes in the suburbs. So the next generation of Marxists turned their attention to “colonialism:” capitalism functioned by looting the West’s imperial possessions. But the West decolonized in the Fifties and Sixties, and they didn’t get any poorer,
only the colonies did. So the Marxists invented “neo-colonialism:”capitalism functioned by informally exploiting the nominally independent developing world. But the dramatically differing rates at which developing economies developed in Asia, Africa and Latin America seemed to have little to do with external forces and a lot to do with obvious local factors.
By the time the UN met at Durban, the grievance-mongers were down to slavery. Europe and America had built their wealth on the slave trade. By this theory, the United Kingdom, which was the first to abolish slavery – in the British Isles in 1772, and throughout the Empire in 1833 – ought to be an economic basket case, while the Sudan, Mali, Niger, Sierra Leone, Ghana and the Ivory Coast, to name just a few of the countries in which slavery is currently practiced ought to be rolling in dough. Instead, of course, large parts of the post-colonial world are more impoverished than they have ever been.”
…………………………………………………………Mark Steyn: The New Criterion, 2/2002

“From around 1970, supposed environmental degradation has played a useful role for the Left as proof of the many wrongs of capitalism. Marx’s theory of exploitation of the workers has long been disproved by increasing affluence among the working class. Lenin tried to substitute imperialism as an explanation, but as most colonies gained independence and many showed robust growth, this didn’t do the trick. In the 1970s hope rose that environmental disaster eventually would led to the destruction of capitalism. Hope dies hard, which explains the persistent refusal to accept that most environmental indicators are improving.
…A triumph for the European right will probably not stop the drift towards ever more draconian environmental regulations founded on weak science. Only a shift in public perceptions and priorities can reverse this trend. Given balanced information and realizing they have to bear the burden of environmental policies themselves, the public are probably more likely to be leading such a reversal than tottering politicians, left or right.”
…………………………….Jan Arild Snoen, Oslo. Tech Central Station – Europe 6/10/02

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